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"I also give you and Bethany my highest recommendation! You guys are the best realtors I have ever worked with. This is my 4th house purchase, but the first that was low stress."
--Judy Ward

"Thank you for all your valuable assistance in facilitating the purchase of our new home. You are a great communicator and true to your word . . . great assets in this day and age. We really appreciated how quick to respond you were with every situation."
-- Don & Cindy Lee

"Thank you for your help negotiating and finalizing this sale. I think this is a beautiful piece of property, and we purchased at a very good price. It was very reassuring to have had your advice and help with all the paperwork, negotiations, and due diligence advice. You did an awesome, professional job for us." 
-- Matt and Patty Kirchhoff

"I wanted to send a quick note of appreciation (and to Bethany also) for helping us find our home. We both feel, despite many houses that we have lived in, that this is the home that is 'perfect for us.' I look forward to living downtown and now that the snow has cleared, the yard is wonderful too. Perhaps once settled I can test that awesome kitchen and have you and your wife over for dinner."
-- Patrick and Kathy Prosser

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Newest RealS8.com Listings:
Single Family Building Lot, ($65,000 4/5, three offers, sale pending 4/20)

New Listings Coming Soon:
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(Tax-Assessed Values Shown except where noted)
(Properties in Red are Bank-Owned, often sold below tax value)

Eagle River Overlook (Steeple)
Condo with garage, 2BR 2Bath (Foxwood)
Country living, 3700+ sq.ft. (Hillside Dr)
Potter Creek view home
(Harlequin) ($411,700)
Windemere, five bedrooms (Oxford) ($229,900)
East Anchorage, Big Fenced Yard (9th)
East Anchorage single famil
y (8th) ($194,900)
East Anchorage 3 BR condo w/garage (Lunar)
Wickersham Park roomy home (Campbell Pl.)
Four Bedrooms, near Campbell School (70th)
Naknek, small house ($120,000)

Recent Price Repositioning:
Condo Backs on Wooded Area, ($81,900 2/20, sale pending)
Laminate Flooring Townhouse, ($86,500 2/15, sale pending)

Market Statistics
Year-end 2012 Just Published!
Click here for page of links to real estate market statistics complied by Alaska MLS Inc. Updated around the middle of the month through the previous month and now including year-end data for 2012.

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    Bayshore Townhouse

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Niel Thomas, ABR, CCIM, CRS
Executive Vice President

Your Internet Realtor in Anchorage

(907) 868-2750, Niel Direct
Mobile/Text: 907-244-5648

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